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MacBook Pros to Launch on Steve Jobs' Birthday?

Steve Jobs might be off on sick leave, but the Apple CEO has been seen out and about around the Apple campus and remains involved in day-to-day operations. Now it looks as though Apple is planning to celebrate their CEO’s birthday with a new line of MacBook Pros.

According to reports, sealed packages of MacBook Pros are being delivered to retailers along with instructions to open them on February 24, Steve Jobs’ 56th birthday. Apple Insider cites sources familiar with the matter that say Apple is gearing up to announce new MacBook Pros this week and has warned retailers that opening the boxes earlier than Thursday could result in the store losing their licence to sell Apple products.

Apple’s annual shareholder meeting is scheduled for February 23, Wednesday, so it’s possible Apple will announce the laptops tomorrow, and start selling them on Thursday.  Not much is known about Apple’s plans for the MBP but rumors of Light Peak integration have been rife over the last week. We’ll have to wait and see.

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