Mass Effect 3 Delayed, New Screens

Wednesday BioWare's Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson said that the highly-anticipated third installment will not hit store shelves this holiday season. Instead, the release date has been pushed back to Q1 2012 for unknown reasons.

"Today we have confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will be released in the first three months of 2012," he stated on the BioWare forums. "The development team is laser focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is the biggest, boldest and best game in the series, ensuring that it exceeds everyone’s expectations. We'll have more details about specific dates as we get closer to release."

Mass Effect 3 will arrive on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC when it launches next year, taking place immediately after the "Arrival" DLC for Mass Effect 2. Returning cast members include Liara T'soni, Kaidan Alenko, Ashley Williams, Garrus, Wrex, Mordin, Legion and Colnel Anderson.

According to BioWare, the story will begin with our hero Commander Shepard on Earth facing trial for the events that transpired during the DLC. Halfway during the hearing, Reapers attack the planet, thus forcing Shepard to flee in the Normandy and seek out support from other alien civilizations to mount a counter-attack. To make matters worse, the Illusive Man has hired Cerberus to assassinate Shepard as soon as possible.

Anticipating the disappointment of Mass Effect fans, Wednesday BioWare also released two new screenshots as seen below. It's not much for compensation, but at least it's something.

  • zkevwlu
  • restatement3dofted
    Just like the last time you posted the second half of this article, the Illusive Man probably doesn't need to "hire" his own organization to take care of Shepard.
  • omnimodis78
    Frankly, I welcome this news! BioWare has much to redeem itself for given the mess (relatively speaking) of Dragon Age 2. My fear was that they would rush through ME3 and simply capitalize on the fact that we would all buy it regardless. Delays are generally good things as it indicates that some sort of quality control has either caught something or they want to fine tune something else. Better the wait than the disappointment(s).
  • truchonic
    ugly game any ways!!!!!
  • fir_ser
    This game has some good graphics.
  • burnley14
    Why Kaidan and Ashley? One of them HAD to die in the storyline no matter how it played out.
  • shloader
    cuz a comma looked better than a slash? I wouldn't anticipate both being in the game unless they directly said "both will be in game at the same time".
  • Anaxamenes
    I can wait. ME 1 and 2 were so awesome, that I want them to make sure they have everything in order. But, my generosity comes at a price. How about letting me borrow the rights to the IP to make a TV mini-series out of it? I'll split the merchandising profits with you BioWare. :oD
  • ben850
    burnley14Why Kaidan and Ashley? One of them HAD to die in the storyline no matter how it played out.
    it will still run off of your ME2 game save, so needless to say only 1 will be "in the game" once you load your old save.
  • jednx01
    Good. I want them to spend more time on it. I was pretty disappointed with how Dragon Age 2 turned out. I'd rather them spend more time on the game and have it be good than have it come out too quickly and be a letdown. If they ruined the ME series by having a sucky ending, I would be seriously mad... lol