Snag Yourself a Medal of Honor Beta Key

We're back with another hot-n-tasty giveaway from This time the site is handing out a boat-load of beta keys for one of this year's most anticipated titles, Medal of Honor.

The giveaway will come in two waves--first for Premium users starting July 12th until 12 PM PST on July 14th. The second wave--those who only have the free account--can start claiming keys at 12 PM PST July 14th until July 18th.

Don't have a meaty PC? You're in luck. The Medal of Honor giveaway will include keys for all platforms: PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

For gamers who want to grab an early key, premium accounts can be billed in four ways: annually ($29.40), quarterly ($10.35), monthly ($4.95), or as a 6-month chunk payment of $24.95. Premium members benefit from faster addon downloads, the removal of ads, premium beta key giveaways, automatic addon updates and more.

"We have several exciting Beta Key Giveaways coming soon and designed for Curse Premium Users," the site said in an email. "Be sure and Signup for Curse Premium today!"

EU Sign-up Link

North America Sign-up Link

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  • TeKEffect
    I've been playing. It's not that good.
  • phantomtrooper
    I already have one. The game is really not that good. No way will it be competition for COD. As much as no dedis ticked me off for MW2 I will still be buying Black Ops. There is just nothing that compares with Call of Duty's gameplay.
  • tokenz
    Piss off, I will get a key somewhere else.. Bad enough games cost 60 bucks now I have to pay to be a beta tester.