Microsoft Claims Bing's First Month Was Great

We've seen some preliminary numbers detailing Bing's growth from the likes of ComScore, however, today we're seeing figures for Bing's first month from Microsoft and the results are pretty positive.

The Redmond-based company reports an 8 percent growth in unique users to in June. Not only that, but traffic to Bing Travel has increased by 90% month over month since launch and on Bing Shopping, there has been a near 3x increase in site visits and a 5.42 percent increase in transactions to Bing cashback.

Not wanting to give up the chance to push advertising on Bing, Microsoft shared few success stories of businesses spending money advertising on Bing:

  • Since the launch of Bing, TigerDirect has seen sales and order volume triple, and seen both conversion rate and average order size increase significantly. Based on this early success, TigerDirect has increased its search marketing spend with Bing by twofold.
  • One IT provider has reported 36% higher click volume, 43% lower cost-per-click and 400% higher click-through rates in June.
  • A large wireless communications company’s campaigns have received 28% more clicks since Bing launched than in previous weeks.
  • One PC manufacturer’s impressions have increased 46% since Bing launched.

And, probably the most exciting part of the whole blog post, Microsoft said to stay tuned for a completely new set of Bing TV commercials which you can expect to see in the coming weeks. Hurray!

To be fair though, 8 percent growth is nothing to turn your nose up at and it seems Microsoft's new search effort is actually pretty popular with some people. At this stage it's probably safe to say we've all given Bing a shot but has anyone decided to stick with it? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • socalboomer
    It's my primary - I hit Google if I can't find it with Bing.

    I like Bing maps better than Google's (especially some of the directions features) and the general Bing results are quite good - better than the "popularity contest" that are Google's results. . .
  • Anonymous
    LOL M$
  • lifelesspoet
    So now we have a choice between google's data mining or microsoft's getting kickbacks to funnel us consumers into different shopping sites.
    This is a lose/lose for consumers.