Microsoft Sends Flowers to IE6 Funeral

Yesterday a web design group held a funeral for Internet Explorer 6, the out of date browser that just won't die. A lot of people were entertained by the idea and it looks like even Microsoft got into the spirit of things; a bouquet of flowers was sent to the party and signed by the team at Microsoft.

Last night the IE6 funeral Twitter-feed displayed the message, "Thanks for the flowers, Microsoft!" Included was a link to a photo of a bunch of flowers and a card with impossibly messy handwriting. From what we can tell it says:

"Thanks for the good times, IE6. See you all @ MIX, where we'll show a little piece of IE heaven. Internet Explorer Team at Microsoft"

 The funeral wasn't without its share of naysayers, though. Also present were a group of protesters who set up camp outside with placards that read, "IE6 4LIFE! RETURN TO FAMILY VALUES!" and "FIREFOX = The DEVIL'S WORK! IE6 4EVR!!"

  • stryk55
    Protesters? Too much time on their hands maybe...

    Then again, that is a sweet shirt with the RSS logo!!!
  • zyrumtumtugger
  • bunz_of_steel
    Die IE die
  • rmericowens
    >> Die IE die

    So say we all!
  • toed
    I guess I'm going to hell since I love the devil's work.
  • warmon6
    kill IE6 :evil:

    stryk55Protesters? Too much time on their hands maybe...Then again, that is a sweet shirt with the RSS logo!!!
    Yep, or either that they dont like change. Although, how did they get IE6 if they dont like change. hmmm.....
  • nforce4max
    Die, Die My Darling - Metallica Lyrics
  • jhansonxi
    Malware writers should start a collection for a monument somewhere.
  • babybeluga
    Wow...seriously, who does this stuff...

    My roommate went to a Windows 7 unveiling party and I thought that was ridiculous. I don't even think there was free food. WTF is going on with people.
  • enzo matrix
    rmericowens>> Die IE die So say we all!So say we all.