Microsoft's "Spy Guide" Handbook Leaked Online

Watchdog website Cryptome has posted Microsoft's 'Global Criminal Compliance Handbook' on its website and despite Microsoft's best efforts, the document remains online for the world to see.

The Criminal Compliance Handbook is more of a guide and is meant for law enforcement agencies that want to know what kind private data Microsoft stores and how they should go about requesting it.

CNet Cites Cryptome owner John Young who says he believes the documents that he publishes are indications that companies are bending over backwards to placate law enforcement officials because they're afraid of being targeted by them. Young says he feels that Microsoft's Surveillance Guide goes much further in holding the hands of law enforcement than the typical document. Mr Young claims the document, which he refers to as a Spy Guide, came from a Web site that specialized in training law enforcement.

Several news outlets report that yesterday afternoon Microsoft sent a take-down noticed to Cryptome asking that the site's owner, John Young, remove the document from Young refused and was sent a notice citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by his host; Network Solutions said they would have to shut down his website if he did not remove the files and for a brief period, his website was unavailable.

Young has since posted an update to his site saying Microsoft has withdrawn its complaint and, at the time of writing, Redmond's "Global Criminal Compliance Handbook" is still available online.

If downloading the document isn't your thing, you can check it out here on Scribd (via Business Insider).

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  • Anonymous is a great website that is performing an important public service. Bravo!
  • Anonymous
    is anyone actually reading the document? its not like they're storing very controversial stuff.. login info for your msn? well.. duh..
    the emails you get to you hotmail adress? again, duh..
    some ip adress info? yeah ok but compared to google thats nothing

    they're basically saying they are storing the stuff you put on their online services, hardly a suprise.

    the real wtf i why this document is secret, esp since this information is available else where but perhaps not in this concetrated form..

    it would be real interesting to see googles corresponding document though..
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  • Tomtompiper
    Glad I'm using PCLinuxOS. Microsoft and Google are so intrusive it is frightening.
  • Anonymous is a great website that is performing an important public service. Bravo!
  • redplanet_returns
    I thought facts can't be copyrighted...this and corporations abusing the already messed up DMCA for stuff they don't want leaked out is truly bothersome