Steve Ballmer: With 100M Users, Dropbox is a 'Little Startup'

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said that cloud storage service Dropbox is nothing more than a "little startup".

SkyDrive, the software giant's own cloud storage service, has more than 200 million users as of October, 2012, as revealed by former Windows president Steven Sinofsky (who is, incidentally, said to have been fired by Ballmer himself). Dropbox reached the 100 million users milestone back in November.

"Well, you've got to remember, 100 million sounds like a pretty small number to me, actually," Ballmer told BusinessWeek. "We've got a lot more Office users. And actually if you even want to go to the cloud, we have a lot of Hotmail and SkyDrive users. I'm not beating on Dropbox. They're a fine little startup and that's great."

The executive's comments come after Microsoft launched Office 2013, which allows users to save documents to SkyDrive. Ballmer, however, has had a history of bashing the competition. Back in 2007, he stressed that the iPhone will never account for a significant market share. He also criticized Android by stating that Google's mobile platform can only be used by a computer scientist.

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  • jimmyjohnz
    So by logic of Ballmer's previous comments, Dropbox will be dominating the field of cloud storage in the next few years.
  • mouse24
    I don't see how one little comment is enough to make it into an article.
  • The last paragraph sums it all up. This guy has no idea what he's talking about.
  • matthelm
    And how many users does Windows 8 have? ;-)
  • ddpruitt
    Except that Ballmer leaves out an important fact:

    If your a live user, your being counted as a Skydrive user whether you like it or not!

    No wonder MS is crashing....
  • cscott_it
    Typical spin story - after reading the interview it seems like any CEO propping up his own product while acknowledging the competition. Maybe I'm a little ambivalent to this type of stuff - but do you think CISCO, SAP, IBM, etc. would say something different if asked about a similar positioned company to their business?
  • Parsian
    MSFT needs to fire this idiot. He is destroying the company.
  • Maxx_Power
    Did the protective fat in his brain descend into his body ?
  • john15v16
    Steve Ballmer = freakin idiot
  • olaf
    And out of those 200mil how many actually use Skydrive ? i have 3 skydrive enabled accounts and i use exactly 0 out of that .... i do how ever use Dropbox...