Microsoft Expects To See 50% Increase For Windows Mobile

Microsoft has said that it expects Windows Mobile sales to increase by at least half in the company’s FY 2008/2009.

Reuters cites analysts saying “global smartphone unit shipments grew 52.5 percent from a year ago to hit around 12 million units in 2007”. Looking at those figures it’s hardly surprising to hear that Microsoft wants a bigger slice of the pie.

Eddie Wu, the software company’s managing director of OEM embedded devices (Asia) told Reuters that “Fifty percent growth is the minimum,” the company expects to grow over the next two years, with a sales target of 20 million units sold by the end of this fiscal year (ending in June).

If you’re thinking those sound like big figures, look at the sales for the FY 2006/2007 in which the company shifted 11 million units. So really, Microsoft’s predictions are in line with what they’re likely to achieve this year.

Earlier in the year Microsoft announced the latest version of IE Mobile, which endeavours to bring “desktop grade” browsing to your mobile and it’s with moves like this, that Microsoft shows us the company is doing everything it can to ensure the Windows Mobile popularity continues to grow.

However there are many who think the release of Windows Mobile 6.1 is not the ace in Microsoft’s deck of cards. The highly anticipated release of Windows Mobile 7 is on the horizon and some believe that the company’s Mobile OS success will go hand in hand with the success of 7.

Windows Mobile competes with the likes of RIM (Blackberries), Nokia and LG’s Symbian OS, Apple and Palm Inc.