Xbox 360 Flash Drives: $40 for 8GB, $70 for 16GB

Microsoft's Major Nelson did say you can use any 1GB+ flash drive you like, but he also said Microsoft would partnering with SanDisk to bring out official, pre-configured Xbox-branded flash drives that would be available in May.

Well GameStop has one of these extra special, Xbox 360-brand flash drives listed on its website and it should come as no surprise that they're a little overpriced. Though they do come with a month free Xbox Live Gold membership, it's still hard to see many people paying $40 for an 8GB flash drive. If you want to use the maximum allowed space per drive, you'll have to pay $70 for the 16GB option.

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  • Grims
    Frag MortuusWell they didnt become one of the most profitable business' in the world by giving stuff away!

    Google did.
  • Trueno07
    My biggest fear is that Gamestop will start telling customers that they NEED to purchase an official Microsoft branded Flash Drive to be able to use this feature.

    It sounds like i'm complaining, but I really can imagine this happening.
  • vant
    Switch Microsoft to Apple and you would have a very different comment section.
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  • OvrClkr
    Ok this aint funny anymore, first we get news that MS is going to start selling 250Gb drives for 130.00$ shipped and now we have overpriced thumb-drives to add to this scenario? Trying to get more users to subscribe to something that should be free anyways is not the best route. If MS was a poor company that could really use the funds then I would understand…

    I am amazed at the fact that you can use "any" thumbdrive, well at least 1 good thing came out of this whole ordeal..

    Whats next? An SSD that you can drop into your exsisting 360 for only 499.99$ [:jaydeejohn:5] !!
  • dman3k
    Why would anyone one want to pay this much for an 8GB usb key? You gotta be a brand lurker.
  • SlickyFats
    I'll just wait for my local Fry's to have another big sale on flash drives. Got a 3 pack of 8Gb last time for $30.