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Plextor Reveals Consumer-Based NAS

Monday Plextor LLC said that it is entering the consumer market with the release of the new PX-NAS2 2-Bay network-attached storage device (NAS). The PX-NAS2 is actually Plextor's first NAS device, compatible with both the PC and Mac.

The company designed the NAS for home office users and small businesses that need a data backup device or a multimedia server on a local network. The PX-NAS2's strong security features will also keep personal files and confidential data under wraps while sharing other files across the network.

Starting April, the PX-NAS2 will come in three flavors: an empty two-bay NAS for $225 (BL1), the 2 x500 GB version for $355 (1T1), and the 2 x 1TB version for $565 (2T1). All three models will come packed with Memeo's backup software, and a one-touch backup feature for yanking content from USB drives, digital cameras, and other external devices.

In addition to the backup software, the PX-NAS2 also provides a utility for the PC or Mac that detects the NAS and automatically shares, downloads, and transfer files "with minimum configuration effort." The device is ideal for social network bugs, allowing them to upload videos and photos to sites such as YouTube and Flikr.

"The PX-NAS2 is DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) 1.5 compliant which ensures connectivity and compatibility with a wide range of other digital media devices such as media player, the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3," the company said.