Intel May Have Leaked New MacBook Pro Design

If seeing Dell’s leaked smartphone and tablet roadmap for the next year or so doesn’t do it for you, there’s another leak floating around that might grab your interest. Fact is, Intel may have accidentally leaked the new MacBook Pro designs, just like it did last year.

Here in this Intel ad is an unnamed, MacBook-a-like that the Apple blogs are suggesting could be the new MacBook Pro redesign. It shows a slimmer, sleeker design that’s closer in size to the MacBook Air than the MacBook Pro, if we’re being honest. Still, it’s possible Apple has decided to take some MBA design cues and incorporate them into the new MBPs. Fast Company points to that light patch on the right-hand side, which it's saying is an IR sensor, and claims the placement is "classic Apple design."

That said, there’s also nothing to indicate that this ad is even showing a MacBook Pro. It could be another laptop entirely, or even just a render from Intel. The thing that’s got everyone whipped into a tizz is the fact that Intel did precisely this last time the MBP was about to get a refresh: The company accidentally revealed the new model as part of a contest for Intel Spain. The prize was a MacBook Pro packing a new Intel Core i5 processor. Unfortunately, Intel ran this campaign before Apple had yet to announce the MacBook itself.

What do you think? Could Intel make the same mistake two years in a row? Or is this a very, very, very long shot?

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  • thorkle
    Anyone for offering some free advertisement due to speculation?
  • goodguy713
    more than likely a mac book .. i dont think they would make that a mac book pro the form factor has limitations because of processor heat .. trust me .. those things cook your lap.. hey dont they still use aluminum as a heat disapater ? lol in most electronics next best thing to copper.. any way they get to hot to touch some times.. especially where the graphic card and processor sit
  • alidan

    no seriously, who cares... its black, it looks like a laptop, anything special about that?