UK Nexus 7 Shipments Held Up By Address Confusion

For the last week or so, people around the world have been tearing into their brand new Nexus 7. Pre-orders started shipping out late last week for the U.S., and shipments to Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom followed. However, it seems some customers in the UK may be experiencing delays in getting their shipments because of a mix up with shipping addresses.

ExpertReviews writes that a lot of UK shipments of Nexus 7s failed to arrive because of incomplete addresses provided to the shipping company by Google.

"When our Nexus 7 failed to be delivered the TNT tracking information told us, 'Shipment delivery address unknown, recovery actions underway.' We thought this was strange, because the email notification telling us that the tablet was on its way had the correct address printed in it," ExpertReviews' David Ludlow wrote. 

ExpertReviews got in touch with TNT, the company shipping their Nexus 7, regarding the issue and were told that it had gotten "quite a lot" of similar calls. TNT said Google had "provided incomplete addresses" for Nexus 7 deliveries and that it had no idea where to send these packages. The shipping company went on to say that because Google was the one that caused the problem, ExpertReviews should contact the search giant for a solution. They were given an 0800 number that diverted to the US call centre and were on hold for 40 minutes due to a high volume of calls.

When ExpertReviews did manage to get through to someone, the customer service rep said they were unable to change the address and suggested they collect the package in person with government ID and get a refund for the cost of the shipping.

Though ExpertReviews has yet to receive any statement from Google, Pocket-Lint managed to get in touch with the search giant, which promptly blamed TNT. "There was a small issue on the TNT side with labelling but it was quickly rectified and orders continued to be processed," the company is quoted as saying. 

Additional reports say that the first address line on every package as replaced with 'Gordon House,' the building where Google Ireland is headquartered in Dublin. This was allegedly the fault of Computer 2000, which the Register reports was handling the passing of items to TNT.

Google's support page now has UK orders shipping on July 20:

"All Nexus 7 8GB orders will ship by July 20 (BST). All Nexus 7 16GB orders placed through June 30 (BST), will ship by July 20 (BST). The remaining Nexus 7 16GB orders will ship next week."

Have you encountered any problems receiving your Nexus 7? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • house70
    I call BS on this article.
    First, TNT didn't provide any hard numbers behind their claim that "a lot" of customers had a similar problem.
    Secondly, if they claim they received incomplete addresses from Google and had no idea where it should ship, how come they shipped it anyways? Out to nowhere? What kind of shipping company does that?
    Thirdly, when every single address begins with "Gordon House", you need to check the way your database works, because it's a clear case of querying error.
    Also, this would have never made the news if it weren't for ExpertReviews not getting their toy in time. A lot of people get their packages lost in the mail, I had a few instances where I could almost put the blame on the delivery dude pocketing the item, but without evidence I had to get the shipping company swallow the loss and have a new item shipped. Annoying, but hardly newsworthy.
  • freggo
    There you have it; you just built yourself a high tech device; Millions of transistors, tons of pixels and intricate mechanics.
    And than you can not manage to print a few lines of text correctly onto an address label.

    Murphy never misses a chance to remind us who is in charge :-)
  • Got a email from Google of delivery 19th, Checked TNT tracker, indeed it was at my local TNT warehouse stating out for delivery. by 5.30pm nothing , called TNT, they stated Google requested return of package Now my TNT tracker indicates Nexus delivered, But back to Google office in Ireland. Called TNT refereed me to Google 0800 number, have been hanging on the call now since 10.30am, nearly 3 hours and still waiting for google to pick up the phone.

    Not a great for a company that states this on it's website :
    Ten things we know to be true
    #1: Focus on the user and all else will follow.
    Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible!

    well this must be one of my worst online shopping delivery experience.

  • As one customer affected I can verify that there has been a cock up (and as all TNT reps I've spoke to are aware of it I'd say it's quite widespread). In my case they substituted a different post code so there's no chance of it getting anywhere near me. Had some contact with Play CS last night but haven't yet received the acknowledgement by e-mail they promised me. Very disappointed.
  • I called TNT yesterday and was told that my package will be out for delivery today (20th July). The delivery time was from 08:00 to 18:00.
    I checked that they had the correct address and yes, they did.
    I took a day off from work and just to make sure ccalled TNT twice this am (with the consignment no etc) and again was told that it definitely was out for delivery.
    Its 16:00 UK time now and no delivery. So, I called TNT again and this time was told that I should contact Computer 2000 and should sort it out with them. NO EXPLANATION WAS GIVEN.
    I have been kept on hold for the last 20 mins and am still on hold while typing this.
    The invoice on my gmail had the correct postal address and TNT confirmed that they had the correct address when I called them last evening. WHY CANNOT THIS BE DELIVERED THEN ?
    Total incompetency on the part of TNT or Computer 2000 !
    I will have to claim compensation for my wasted day (leave from work)
    Come on TNT admit responsibility and get on with it!!!
  • ericdered1
    Google just canceled my preorder. i called them and they were nice and let me reorder one..... to bad it is a NEW order and now im back on the waiting list.
  • snhyper

    Had my delivery email sent out to me at 3am on 18/07/12 providing a TNT tracking number, when I checked the tracking number on the TNT website I found that my Nexus 7 was due for delivery on the 19/07/12 between 0900-1800. I promptly booked a day off work to get my hands on this much anticipated device.

    When nothing had arrived by 1500 I started to worry a little & contacted the depot it had shipped from (Birmingham) & spoke to a nice lady who informed me that my parcel was on the vehicle & that the driver only had 4 deliveries left.
    I waited for another hour (1615) before contacting TNT again, this time my parcel did not seem to be on the vehicle & could not be traced, so I asked to speak to a supervisor & was put through to a very helpful guy called Trevor, this guy said he would try to locate my parcel & if found would send it out on a van asap.

    I waited until 1945 before ringing once more, Trevor still had not located my parcel, but assured me he would keep on looking. I rang again at 2215 Still & no luck in finding anything, so I contacted Google on the 0800 number, they listened to me & sent me an email apologising for my nexus 7 going missing & saying that, In order to issue a replacement for your purchase from devices on Google Play, we need your consent to disable your device, I duly gave my consent, knowing that if the device turned up it would not be disabled until my replacement arrived, leaving my time to contact Google to let them know the problem had been resolved.

    I rang TNT the following morning for a further update & was told my parcel had been found & was out for shipping, I checked my tracking number on the TNT site & this was confirmed, (and still is as of 22/07/12, site still says out for delivery) I asked if they could make me the 1st delivery as I had to go to work & was told they would do their best. I left for work & 1 hour later my wife rang me to say TNT had called & they had made a mistake, the parcel had not shipped after all, & it had been a mistake. I waited until I had finished work for the day & phoned TNT again, this time I spoke to another helpful, sympathetic & apologetic guy called Scott & the upshot was my parcel could not be found & the matter had been passed to the head of security.

    I then called Google again to see what the state of my replacement was, only to be told they do not know & cannot do anything until their internal investigation has been completed.

    So in summary I lost a day off work, I lost my chance to be an early Nexus 7 adopter & I lost hours on my phone to two companies that have both failed to give me any sort of satisfaction & I think most importantly I have lost any faith I had in Google to resolve my problem, as I still have no idea when I will get my Nexus 7 that I ordered on the 29/06/12.

    I know it is not the fault of Google that the device went missing, but how hard would it be for them to give me a date for a new delivery, especially knowing that the missing device once disabled by them will be essentially useless. I would also like to say that Google & TNT have both acted in a very professional manner but that does not alter that fact that my problems have not been resolved.

    Maybe I am just unlucky :)
  • I just checked my TNT tracking to find "Shipment delivered in good condition." Not to my address it hasn't been!!! I'm allowed to see an image of the delivery slip which has a completely different surname on it and a signature I don't recognise and can't decipher.

    Where's my tablet? :-( I'm on the phone as I type this (have been on hold 45 minutes so far).
  • ettiago
    And now that Nexus 7 is available in Google Play for Spain, the problem is happening all over again: incomplete address.

    And the delivery company is not TNT but Chronoexprés.

    What a complete mess!
  • Same here. Ordered on the 29th, shipped on the 30th. TNT have no record of the shipment and Google have failed to get back to me after 48hours.

    Perhaps I'll get an iPad instead.