Nokia's Got a Special Batman Dark Knight Rises Lumia 900

Nokia's Lumia 900 was just released in the UK a couple of weeks ago but there's already another version of the phone headed to our cousins across the pond. In time for the release of the newest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, Nokia is releasing a limited edition Dark Knight Rises Lumia 900. Here's what it looks like:


Set to go on sale in the next few weeks, Pocket-Lint reports that Nokia isn't being very generous with details on just how limited this device will be. What's more, it doesn't sound like the company mentioned anything about pricing, a solid release date, or if the phone will come with any special features. What we do know is that when the phone does launch it will be available in the UK, Germany, and France as well as "a few other European destinations." As far as the UK is concerned, Phones 4u will be the retailer selling the device.

This isn't the first Batphone Nokia has come out with. Indeed, it's not the first Batman-themed Lumia. Nokia also released a very limited number of Batman-branded Lumia 800s last year.

Who's interested in a Lumia 900 fit for Bruce Wayne? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • bennaye
    I am Apple's worst nightmare...I am Windows Phone 7!
  • Do people really go for this kind of stuff? Maybe for kids but really? Can Nokia get anymore gimmicky?
    You know why Windows phones fail? Because they lack venders supporting them. When I go into a phone store I see a wall of cases, accessories and stuff for iPhones and popular Android phones. Do I see anything for a Lumia 900? No. Most people are followers and most vendors market to the highest potential marketed product. It stands to reason that Windows phones will get very little accessory consideration.
    Even if the Lumia is a great phone, the iPhone is the popular one and that is all that counts in marketing.
  • bignick18
    Its the phone you deserve, not the phone you need
  • Yawn. Wake me up when someone finally releases a real competitor to the iPhone.
  • de5_Roy
    it's another g!dd@mn batphone!
  • gtvr
    Does it at least get a bat-app or some content? It IS gimmicky if all you get is the bat logo, unless it's at the same price as a regular phone.
  • Nisdec
    Ba_d_phone hihi
  • xurwin
    im an ultimate batfan, but batman theme's suit me well. thank you very much and its free
  • alyoshka
    iPhone?????? Why so serious.....
  • To conquer iOS... you must BECOME iOS!