Windows 8 Phone Camera App To Be Upgraded by Nokia

Nokia is bringing joy to the hearts of instagrammers everywhere who despair at the seriously lacking Windows Phone 8 stock app.

Apparently, the company is set to release its own app for the Lumia devices, called Nokia Smart Camera Lens. It will feature options and controls already available to Android users, such as white balance control, advanced color shading, shutter speeds, f-stop setting, and advanced camera options.

The update is said to be one of the new features included in the Nokia PR 2.0 update, although this will probably not occur until July. With many users of the phones waiting for the new exciting features to be introduced, such as "double tap to wake" and "sleeping screen-like always on clock," we will keep you posted of any new developments concerning the update.

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  • 06yfz450ridr
    plan on getting rid of this piece before then, apps always crash after a certain amount of time, battery sucks, there are no useful apps. going back to an iphone i guess
  • natcparis
    Have always been using a Nokia for their camera performance.
  • jpishgar
    As a Lumia 920 owner, this is great news! :)
    Now if only we can get them to make apps for the Windows Phone platform...