Nvidia Predicts 570X GPU Performance Increase

TG Daily is reporting that Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made an astonishing prediction, claiming that GPU computing will dramatically increase over the next six years, a mere 570 times that of today's capabilities in fact, while CPU performance will only increase a staggering 3x in the same timeframe.

According to Huang, who made his revelation at the Hot Chips symposium in Stanford University, the advancement would open the door to advanced forms of augmented reality and the development of real-time universal language translation devices. Wait? A universal translator? Sounds like Huang is talking Star Trek!

Huang also said that such advancements in GPU computation would also boost a number of applications such as interactive ray tracing, CGI simulations, energy exploration, and other "real-world" applications.

  • leafblower29
    Damn that's a lot.
  • radnor
    I don't know why, but i don't doubt that
  • ubernoobie
    that bugatti veyron looks awefully realistic
  • tipoo
    ubernoobiethat bugatti veyron looks awefully realisticTo me it looks like something you would see in NFS, nothing impressive.
  • maximus559
    Now that I'd like to see :) Really though, that's a bit outlandish. NVIDIA had better have something big up its sleeve to back up claims like that, because in my experience, nothing in this industry advances in leaps like that.
  • Gin Fushicho
    I just want to hear about they're next GPU already.
  • Blessedman
    if they continue their recent course of a new chip ever other year (instead of every 6months back in the day), 570x looks like a typo...
  • Yeah right... Nvidia has some magical breakthrough up their sleeves, 570x the performance in the same power envelope, since there's no way they can dissipate anymore heat than they already are...

    Intel already tried and failed at this kind of breakthrough, they whipped up a frenzy with their sham terascale demonstration, then later they realized that Larrabee was going to suck, then they quietly watered down expectations, and it wouldn't even surprise me now if they quietly cancelled it's release altogether.
  • lejay
    Yeah... And the zune hd has 25 days of music playback time, right?
  • intesx81
    Here's my 'translation' of this article: The amount of GPU computing (using the GPU for non-graphic work) with increase by 570x. Considering the nearly non-existant uses for GPU based computing today, its definitely conceivable that there could be 570x more uses for GPU based computing. This just seems like whoever picked up the story took the figure out of context. Its technically true but not in the way we're reading it.