Nvidia's NVISION 08 Set To Challenge IDF, MacWorld

Santa Clara (CA) - Nvidia has begun beating the drums for their first NDF (Nvidia Developer Forum), which is turning into a three-day Woodstock for the IT industry.

Unlike closed-down or semi-public events like IDF, GDC, E3 or MacWorld, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang imagines NVISION as a celebration of IT technology coming from the green graphics team. Nvidia is set on creating an umbrella event that will combine technology enthusiasts, gamers, game developers, video experts, handheld developers, HPC community, academics and researchers - all in one melting pot. We are somewhat curious of computer science Phd’s will mix with overclockers.

Besides talking about existing technology, NVISION will also mark launch of several products, though so far our sources have not disclosed which ones we can expect. However, it appears that the technology focus will revolve around the GT200 GPU and APX2500 SoC processors. The GT200 will surface in June at Computex Taipei 2008 as part of the GTX 260/280 lineup of graphics cards and a GT200-based Quadro FX should debut at Siggraph 2008 in mid-August).

We know than Jen-Hsun wants to beat Intel’s official Nehalem announcement at IDF Fall, so we would expect Nvidia to be preparing something special. We’ll do our best to dig out what that will be and hope we will have that information before the event. But to be sure, we are planning on attending the conference as well.

NVISION 08 will take place in San Jose from August 25-27, following the Fall 2008 Intel Developer Forum with a one-week distance.

  • Anthony20022
    I'm assuming the author was referring to Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) in June, not MacWorld. MacWorld is in January and has very little to do with developers.
  • thomasxstewart
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