Update: OCZ's 1 TB Colossus SSD Costs $2200

Engadget managed to acquire the pricing and availability of OCZ Technology's upcoming Colossus line of SSDs. According to OCZ, the 1 TB drive will cost consumers a whopping $2200, and should be available on the market in "about three weeks." The hefty 400g 1 TB drive--or rather a working prototype--first made an appearance at Computex this past June, revealing a chunky 3.5-inch form factor for desktops that doesn't require converter brackets.

Electronista is also reporting that the 1 TB drive integrates two separate SSD components that are arranged in a RAID 0 configuration, driven by a JMicron controller. The drive supposedly features read speeds of up to 250 MB/s and write speeds of 220 MB/s over a SATA2 interface.

In addition to the 1 TB version, OCZ will also offer three other Colossus SSDs: the 120 (128 GB @ $300), 250 (256 GB @ $650), and the 500 (512 GB @ $1200).

UPDATE 08/04/09: OCZ contacted us this week saying that the drive actually uses Indilinx controllers with the latest firmware, and not JMicron controllers. The drive uses Indilinx controllers to control the NAND memory chips, but employs a Silicon Image controller for RAID duties.

Currently, Indilinx is regarded as one of the top NAND controller makers, and have contributed to bringing down prices of SSD drives as well as vastly improving their performance.

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  • ElectroGoofy
    Wow! Thats one big drive! Lets just all hope (and pray) that is is toward the $300 end ;)
  • ElectroGoofy
    Oops! Sorry about the previous comment.... saw "1 TB" and "between $300 and $2200" so thought that was the price of the 1 tb. Too bad there is no edit button on comments...

    But yea, thats one big drive!
  • gekko668
    *drooling* Maybe I should take out a student loan and purchase this silicon baby.