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LG's Shows Off World's Thinnest OLED TV at CES

We first heard about LG’s 31-inch, super slim OLED TV back in August, when it was on show at IFA in Berlin. This morning we got a chance to meet the display face-to-face, though LG wasn’t willing to let us get our mucky fingerprints all over it and kept it in a plastic case the entire time. 

Measuring in at 31 inches and with a depth of 2.9mm, the panel supports both 2D and 3D imaging and, according to information from IFA in September, has a refresh rate of 600Hz. No word on price or release as there were no LG reps immediately available to answer questions. However, yesterday at its press conference, the company did say that it would be expanding on its OLED line this year, and promised a 31-inch OLED panel so hopefully we’ll see something similar to this available in the near future. Whether we’ll be able to afford it is a different kettle of fish altogether.