Tom's Guide: 10 Mobile Office Apps for Android & iOS

Sometimes, work just can't wait, despite the fact that you're on the road and nowhere near your desk. However, thanks to smartphones, tablets, and other MIDs, it's more than possible to work from the road. That is, it's more than possible provided you have the right apps to help you out. The Tom's Guide team put together a list of office apps for Android and iOS. 

Sometimes, work just won't wait till you're seated in front of a desktop computer with your trusty word processor fired up and ready to go. Perhaps there's a document you need to view, or a report you need to tweak before sending out to your colleagues. Thankfully, today's smartphones and tablets are rising to the challenge with a plethora of mobile office apps across multiple platforms. Here are 10 mobile office apps for Android and iOS devices. 

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