Overdrive Finals: First Results Posted

The Taiwanese team CBB, which stands for Fang Bing Lo (Coolaler), Hsien Tung Hsiao and Cheng-Tung Sun, was the first to post results. While these were not spectacular, this is an important step to secure a score in case something doesn't work they way it should. In a simple example, a killed processor would taking away all chances to post any scores later on. Or in other words: It's never too late to post improved scores.

Scores Now and Then

So far, the French WR Team posted the best results on SuperPI 1M: 8.283 seconds. This isn't a new record, as the best results from all of our Overdrive trials was 7.691 seconds, also reached by the French team. But the two numbers are difficult to be compared, as the results from the trials were reached on Core 2 Duo systems running at 6.15 GHz, while this time, Core i7 Extreme runs at only 5.050 GHz at this point. SuperPI is not thread-optimized, hence it does not benefit from the Core i7's four cores and eight threads.

The Aquamark results from our trials were already broken: The highscore was 225,675 points, reached by WR Team France. Now we're at 227,628, which was submitted by Team CBB from Taiwan. Germany as well as France and the US guys are still working on optimizing their systems.

Clock Speeds Reached after Less Than 5 Hours

France: 5.050 GHz

Germany: 4.760 GHz

Italy: 4.90 GHz

USA: 4.680 GHz

Taiwan: 4.850 GHz