Blizzard Targeting Q3 2011 for Diablo 3 Beta

Back on February 9, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said during a Q4 2010 Results conference call that more details surrounding a Diablo 3 Beta would likely be revealed during the next conference call. If all goes according as planned, eager fans may know more about an early glimpse into the highly-anticipated action-RPG game in just a matter of hours.

"Development continues to go well, and we’re very excited about the game," he said back in February. "Our most recent public showcase for Diablo III was at the G-Star show in Korea, where demo stations attracted huge lines of players. I’m looking forward to sharing some more news about the game and our upcoming beta on the next call."

The time has now come, and fans interested in getting the scoop should turn on their listening ears today at 1:30 pm Pacific Time (4:30 pm Eastern Time) during the Activision Blizzard First Quarter 2011 Financial Results conference call. Based on his track history with the StarCraft 2 beta, Morhaime is expected to reveal an approximate or an official confirmed date for the beta's launch-- possibly eight days away from today.

Just recently Diablo 3 game director Jay Wilson said that the team was currently in crunch mode. "That's when the magic happens," he said, indicating that fans may finally see the game in their hands by the end of the year or Q1 2012. It could also mean that the team is ready to unleash the game's current state as a closed beta to test the online multiplayer component.

Still, right now this is all speculation until we hear the actual announcement in a few hours. Those interested in listening to the call can tune in to the webcast right here. We'll update this article with whatever the company reveals. Keep your fingers crossed, though.

UPDATE: Mike Morhaime just announced during the conference call that Blizzard is shooting to release a public beta of Diablo 3 in Q3 2011. As seen in the image above, the game is already undergoing company-wide internal testing, but so far Blizzard is unwilling to provide an actual launch window. If everything progresses smoothly, then there's a possibility Diablo 3 will launch late this year.

Also during the call, Morhaime stated that tickets for BlizzCon 2011 will go on sale later this month, and like last year, the show will be available to view online and via DirecTV. He also said the StarCraft 2 team will showcase Heart of the Swarm to the press later this month too, so expect to see previews and hands-on videos soon.

  • kcorp2003
    lol i wonder if they would do something like "oh wait, beta conference has been delayed" stay tuned in 1 month.
  • Zeh
    I'd rather wait another year than get something like that 'Orcs in Space' game instead of a Starcraft-like game.
    When it's Blizzard we're talking about, I'll gladly let them have as much time as they want.
  • restatement3dofted
    Here's hoping Blizzard's systems don't black flag me for having ignored the Cataclysm beta invite I got...
  • Assmar
    And remember Battlefield 3 Beta invites are a scam.
  • Ciuy
    a small chill on my back while reading this..
  • Von Death
    Oh D3, how doth thy vex thee!
  • dark_lord69
    I was listening and saw a slide.
    It says they have been testing Diablo 3 company-wide starting this week and they are expecting an external BETA test to take place in 3rd quarter of 2011.
    This means July at the earliest.
  • Vearo
    Q3 may be referring to the fiscal calender, which would mean April 1- June 30.

    I'm hoping anyway. It is a business call, after all.
  • Vearo
    VearoQ3 may be referring to the fiscal calender, which would mean April 1- June 30.I'm hoping anyway. It is a business call, after all.
    Nope, I was wrong it seems.
    direct quote from bashiok, to me, right now:

    The 3rd quarter reference in the earning's call today was a calendar quarter, meaning that we're aiming to launch the Diablo III beta between July 1st and September 30th. Keep in mind that it's our current goal, and of course that can change as development continues.
  • fir_ser
    kcorp2003lol i wonder if they would do something like "oh wait, beta conference has been delayed" stay tuned in 1 month.LOL