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Publisher: PC Games Going All Digital in 2011

International PC games publisher 1C--or at least its publishing director Darryl Still--claims that retail outlets are forcing game publishers to go digital thanks to lackluster support for boxed versions. Many outlets refuse to stock certain PC games, and many push titles to the back of the store to make room for console games.

With that said, it's expected that most PC gaming titles will go all digital in 2011, landing on platforms such as Valve's Steam, Direct2Drive, and more. There's still demand for boxed version according to Still, however retail isn't meeting those demands by offering a limited selection at the back of the store.

"You just have to head into a games store and look for their PC titles, and you’ll see there is no focus, listings or promotions for them," he told MCV. "It is extra strange because there is a much better margin on PC games. The industry should be embracing PC more enthusiastically. Digital proves there is a consumer waiting for it. But these consumers are now more than happy to click the download button."

He also said that despite predictions that more than 50-percent of revenues will be earned digitally, he estimates that Q1 2011 will be when PC games go completely digital. The drawback is that there are many digital platforms on the Internet--publishers are having to choose the right ones carefully, as some may succeed where others won't. Still, it doesn't seem that publishers have any choice.

"If the PC games market has to wait until 2013 then we are all in trouble," he said.

    Fraggin great. Nothing beats a box, its a nostalga thing ya know?
  • duckmanx88
    jaydeejohnFraggin great. Nothing beats a box, its a nostalga thing ya know?
    -_- how so?
  • chrisjust98
    Well I am all for being lazy and downloading my games. I haven't actually went to the store to buy a game for my pc in at least 2 years.
  • Stryter
    Well, I guess this means I get to give more money to my favorite game developer, Valve, by buying all my games from them. Although, I think I have bought about 90% of my games from them anyways.
  • doc70
    I like the convenience of downloading the games when I want. Besides, the games that I buy can be stored as a backup on my drive(s), so even if I switch PC's I still have my games ready to re-install. These back-ups last longer than a CD/DVD shelf-life.
    Also, I have instant access to all kinds of deals and discounts.
  • doc70
    Retail outlets? They deserve to go tits-up just for the way they treat the PC gamers.
    I get almost all I need online for that reason.
  • Hilarion
    I HATE steam and it's brethren. I want to play and not be strung out on the net just to do that with advertising I don't want and "friends" who aren't and all the other crap that comes with it. No box? I'm not likely to buy it.
  • craig_98
    What if you are on the road and don't have an internet connection? I am in the Navy and I play games when we pull into foreign ports or when I have time underway. I never have an internet connection underway. Consoles are nice and all but when you have 4 or more people trying to watch TV or playing games, it is really a pain in the butt. I take my laptop to the ship so I can have my own private movies and games. If all games require an internet connection I guess I am screwed. I know a lot of other military people are just like me.
  • sunflier
    I wasn't a big fan of Steam at first but i've dl'd couple of games and its not so bad. The Steam menus are a little confusing imo.
  • mavroxur
    Soooooooo how exactly does this work? Forcing game content to be all digital.....with games coming out on DVD's (sometimes more than 1 to a game) and Blu-Ray.... and internet providers talking about imposing limits on downloaded data? Does nobody else think this fail ship is preparing to set sail?