Axiomtek Launches the PICO831 Cedarview Motherboard

Axiomtek's PICO8S1 is an "extreme-compact" Pico-ITX single board controller (SBC) that currently has support for two Intel Atom Cedarview CPUs, the dual-core 1.86 GHz N2800, and the N2600 1.6 GHz with the Intel NM10 Express chipset. The board has a single SO-DIMM with support for either 2 GB or 4 GB of DDR3 RAM (depending on the processor selected), half-size and full-size PCIe Mini Card slots, Gigabit ethernet and internal connectors for VGA, and 18 / 24-bit single channel LVDS.

“Our new PICO831 is a great choice for customers who need an embedded board for rich I/O, low power, and extreme small form factor. The thoughtful fanless design makes the platform more reliable, without dust or noise issues. Two PCI Express Mini card slots on the rear side provide flexible I/O expansions and meet networking requirements. Additionally, it requires only +5V DC supply input into work,” said Michelle Mi, PM of Product Planning Division at Axiomtek.

The PICO831 will be available at the beginning of May 2013.

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  • ang1dust
    Richland APU on a micro board > that....
  • SirGCal
    Nice idea overall, but I wouldn't spent anything for such a weak cpu/mem setup for an in-rig PC. I've been planning one for some time also but this isn't it.
  • -Jackson
    Yeah um, this isn't exactly intended for consumer PCs.
  • DjEaZy
    ... naaaa.... since AMD's APU's... i do think, that intel atom cpu's haz no sense to exist...
  • ceh4702
    When I click zoom it goes to a list of articles. Shouldnt it give me a bigger image? This is messed up.