Sony Introduces Extended Warranties for PS3, PSP

Pricing for the Sony PlayStation Protection ranges from $45 to $60 for the PS3 and $30 to $50 for the PSP and PSP Go. There's also an option for accidental damage cover for the PSP/PSP Go which covers us clumsy folk who feel the need to drop their electronics at least twice a day to test their robustness.

A quick look at the Terms and Conditions reveals that although Sony will pay for shipping and handling, the company won't recover any data.

"User data stored on disk drives or other memory devices are specifically not covered and may be lost. All Product settings will be returned to the original factory default settings."

Sony also stipulates that at its discretion, it may decide to replace your console with either a brand new device or a refurbished, factory-certified console. The same goes for any parts that may be required for the repair.

Would you consider purchasing any of the above plans? Let us know in the comments below!

  • decepticon
    Walmart already offers a 3 year warranty for newly purchased PS3's for 19.99. Features immediate replacement for defective units...and this is after the initial manufacturer warranty runs out.
  • rhino13
    I need an extended waranty for my Linux support :(
  • JMcEntegart
    rhino13I need an extended waranty for my Linux support
    Aw, that's sad and amusing at the same time. Clash of the emotional titans.
  • hellwig
    $60 to not recover your data, hmm... I'm pretty sure the Best Buy geek-squad coverage is less than $60 and they'll probably try to recover it for you (or not, don't know, don't own a PS3). Anyway, this just seems like Sony wants to start making money off its own service plans, rather than letting retailers rake in all that extra cash. I don't recall any big complains about PS3 failures (unlike numerous from the X-Box 360), so it makes sense for Sony to offer meaningless protection plans. Besides, they can give you a replacement PS3 wholesale, so they recoup even more of that cash.
    I see this in my crystal ball.

    Sony corporate Weasel 1 to Corporate Weasel 2. "Yields are really really bad, most PS3s will fail after 1.5 years"

    Sony corporate Weasel 2 to Corporate Weasel 1. "How can we turn this into a profit gouging opportunity?!?!?"

    Sony corporate Weasel 1 and Corporate Weasel 2 both look at each other. "Sell Extended Warranties!"

    Sony corporate Weasel 1 "What's that? PS3 broke down?"
    Sony corporate Weasel 2 "You should have got the extended warranty!"
  • dark_lord69
    Mine is waay out of warranty...
    Thankfully, even though it's a release day PS3 it is still runs great!

    I don't think a lot of XBOX 360 owners can say the same thing...
  • maestintaolius
    dark_lord69Mine is waay out of warranty...Thankfully, even though it's a release day PS3 it is still runs great!I don't think a lot of XBOX 360 owners can say the same thing...I can.
  • Honis
    maestintaoliusI can.Don't push your luck :-p

    I will not be getting the extended warranty mostly because the PS3 has a fairly low brick rate.
  • SlickyFats
    I have had my PS3 since launch and use it nearly everyday. My 360 is like a cat, its on its 3rd life. I quit buying games on the 360 when I was stuck without a console and had a stack of games I couldn't play. I would have bought a warranty if offered when I bought my PS3 because it was a big purchase, but it would have been unnecessary.
    Unfortunately because a companies product sucks people buy into warranties they might not use and the company with a bad reputation stands to profit from it. Kind of a catch 22.
  • goodguy713
    apart from the rare freeze up The PS3 has been pretty rock solid i have an old version and a new version not much of a noticeable difference other than the the lack of other OS support. but not like i needed that any way. and so far its only froze on demo's from the ps3 store.. if that says anything.