Tom's Guide: 10 Desktop Password Managers

You'd have to be stupid to not know the importance of proper password security. What you may not know, is that there are a ton of applications out there that are capable of making password management a lot less painful. The Tom's Guide team has put together a list of some of the best ones. Be sure to check out '10 Desktop Password Managers' for the full list!

Wherever we go online, we're continually asked to log in, sign in, sign up, register, or otherwise authenticate our account details, whether we're keeping up with our social networks, shopping online, or reading through internet forums and bulletin boards. While keeping track of all your logins and passwords can be a chore, only the most naive or foolhardy netizens use a common password across all of their accounts. Thankfully, that's where password management software can step in and help you keep track of your various logins, generate passwords, and provide other useful assistance in managing your online identities.10 Desktop Password Managers

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  • maddogfargo
    I have found the best password managers to be, in order...

    1) Sharp Memory
    2) Self discipline
    3) Prioritizing Security
    4) Consistent execution and follow-through on personal security best practices
    5) Personal Accountability

    Sorry for the 4th one being so long but hey, it made the list so it must be good.


    Source: Me
    Results of Study: After 25 years in IT, never a lost or forgotten password, security breach or identity details stolen in that time period.