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Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen Falls Victim to Identity Theft

The internet is a dangerous place and with sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr becoming more popular by the day, more people are finding themselves the victim of identity theft. However, it's not just those who share every aspect of their lives online that are targeted by these cyber criminals. In fact, even the uber tech savvy aren't safe. Case in point: Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen recently had his identity stolen by an AWOL soldier.

BusinessWeek reports that 28-year-old Brandon Lee Price called Citibank pretending to be Allen and asked for the address on his account to be switched from Allen's home address to Price's address in Pittsburgh. Just three days later, he called again, explained he had lost his debit card, and requested a new one be sent to his house. BusinessWeek reports that Price used the card to make payments on a delinquent Armed Forces Bank account as well as for personal expenses.

Luckily for the Microsoft co-founder, attempts to make a $15,000 Western Union transaction, as well as several other payments, threw up red flags and Citibank notified law enforcement of the fraud. Only one charge, a $658.81 payment on an Armed Forces loan, went through. Price was arrested last week and has been sent back to Fort Polk in Louisiana. Citibank has not explained how Price was able to get the address changed over the phone, but said it is working with investigators on the case.

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