Retailer's Cryptic Window Art Starts Galaxy S III Rumors

Ever since Samsung confirmed that it would not be unveiling the Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress, we've been eagerly awaiting news of the handset. The company said it still planned to release the phone in the first half of the year but postponed the unveiling of the Galaxy S III to reduce the amount of time between announcement and release.

In the weeks since MWC, various tips, photos, and specs about the Galaxy S III have been making their way around the blogosphere, but Samsung has remained tight-lipped about the phone. The company has said nothing regarding a release or price, and we've yet to see a photo of the phone that is 100 percent, without-a-doubt genuine. Still, just because the company isn't talking about the device, that doesn't mean there isn't something going on behind the scenes.


The latest piece of news to set tongues wagging is this photo from a Phones 4U location in London. Spotted by a Eurodroid reader passing the Oxford Street branch of Phones 4U, the windows display doesn't give much away, other than the fact that we'll have to wait until March 30 to find out more. However, the fact that this was the exclusive launch location for the Galaxy Nexus last autumn isn't lost on us. Guess we'll find out in four days' time.

[Update] Oh, well, party's over, everybody. Phones 4U spoke to Pocket-Lint and spilled the beans on this window display: "Pocket-lint can confirm that the window teaser is nothing more than the re-opening of a Phones 4U store -undergoing a refurbishment at the moment - that will house a Samsung concessions inside on the first floor." The information comes from construction workers and staff working at the Phones 4U across the street. So, still no news on the Galaxy SIII. What a bummer.

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  • _Cubase_
    When I saw that image, I was more thinking the G cut off would be emphasising the "Sun", pronounced the same way as "San", which is "three" in Japanese.

    Then again, I also wear a tinfoil hat to stop people stealing my thoughts!
  • Wave Fusion
    Still quite happy with an SGS II variant.
    I'm opposed to any quad-core phones, purely because of how utterly absurd it is.
    I hear echos from the PC industry in my head.. for most applications on the phone are also GPU bound.

    This is what made the first Galaxy S stand out (among other things like the screen) with the SGX 540.
    Having actually owned a Tegra 2 powered handset (Motorola Photon) I can tell you it sucked at video applications compared to the Hummingbird SoC.

    So the ARM Mali-400 completely blew it away. As for those 2 cores.. well.. they might help with the rare multitasking bottlenecks.. but it seems mostly trivial at best.

    I'd rather see a high clock (~1.6GHz) dual core A15 Exynos SoC than another T3.
    However, I fully expect the SGS III to blow away Nvidia again in graphics (lol!) regardless of core count.

    Gives me something to use my line upgrade subsidy on.
  • cknobman
    who gives a sh!t, really? There are only 450000 android phones on the market already and every shiny new model gets "one upped" in a matter of minutes.

    Lets not even get into the lacking support from carriers and manufacturers who dont upgrade these devices with new builds of Android.