''Pipe Dreams'' Computer Desk System, $30,000

Looking to go extreme with a new PC? Look no further than this monster up for bidding on eBay, costing the lucky winner a whopping $30,000. Called "Pipe Dreams," this is actually a PC integrated into an interesting desk constructed with pipes and neon lights. The setup looks impressive enough just in appearance alone, however the winning bidder may need to dedicate a room specifically for this wacky pipe dream.

According to the specs listed on eBay, the PC uses an i7 Intel Quad Core Extreme processor running at 3.2 GHz, 6 GB of RAM, a 1.6 TB HDD, a Blu-ray/DVD/CD writer, WiFi card and router, and more. But wait... that's not all. Like one of those annoying infomercials, the company has thrown in another PC into the mix for the same price. This one offers Intel's Pentium Dual-Core processor, 2 GB of RAM, a 1 TB HDD, an additional 300 GB HDD (serving as the master drive), and more.

"The second computer also functions as added security to the main computer because all the downloading can be accomplished with # 2 computer as the primary source for downloading," said Out of the Box Technologies. "Once the download is verified to be safe you can transfer download to main computer stress free."

The eBay page also says that the entire Pipe Dreams rig is 9-feet wide and 4-feet deep, and is constructed of aircraft-type aluminum squares, plates, and round structural tubes, non-structural aluminum tubes, hand-milled oak wood, and more hand crafted material. Both computers come packed with Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit, Norton 2009 Internet Security, and whatever else the customer requests.

  • spanspace
    rip off
  • sstym
    oooh they throw in another pc that is worth at least $400? Then it's totally worth it.

    or you could repay your credit cards, student loans and car loan with your $30,000.

  • ominous prime
    30k is overpriced. I'd rather buy Batman's MV Agusta.
  • dlux
    Snazzy sure, but if you look closely at the pics on the ebay page, the table top with the keyboard on it doesn't look like it overhangs the bottom assembly at all. There's no room to put a chair! So unless you want to sit with your keyboard on your lap further away from the screens then they already are, I'd save yourself $30k.

    Who am I kidding, that thing isn't even worth 1/4 of that amount.
  • eilersr
    Not only is it overpriced, but very ugly.
  • Toddosan
    gah its fugly!
  • krazynutz
    That's whole big mess of "WTF"
  • camerone222
    sstymoooh they throw in another pc that is worth at least $400? Then it's totally worth it.or you could repay your credit cards, student loans and car loan with your $30,000.
    Exactly what I was going to say. Funny thing is my cc, student loans and car loan add up to almost exactly that amount...let's see computer that looks like crap or get out of debt.
  • jellico
    Yeah, I can't really say I find this setup all that exciting. If I had that kind of money to spend on something like that, I'd just get a nice red oak, solid wood desk ($1500), and put together a nice water-cooled, i7, Radeon HD5870 X4, triple-display system ($3500), then put the other $25000 in my pocket.
  • virtualban
    NegativeXVideo card(s)?But can it run ... I forgot the name of that game :P