UK Ad Lists 2013 Release Date for PlayStation 4

Though there's been plenty of talk about the PlayStation 4's 2013 launch, there's also been some murmurings of the European launch not happening until 2014. One report released in February stated that the European launch would occur a few months after the Japanese launch. Though rumors of a delayed 2014 launch have subsided, Sony today offered a little reassurance to those worried they wouldn't have the console in time for the holiday season.


T3 points a full-page advertisement in the UK's Metro newspaper that promises a 2013 release. Though the ad doesn't elaborate much further (it states only that the PS4 is 'Coming 2013'), it does suggest that Sony's plans for the European launch are solidly set in 2013. It's just as well, too, as retailers are reporting significant interest from UK consumers. Retailer GameStop said last month that the PS4 may be in short supply when it launches. The retailer said during an earnings call earlier this year that 900,000 people had signed up for its 'First to Know' PS4 list. Though it had no word from Sony on the matter, it believed 'demand will far outpace the supply of this product during the launch window.'

Sony has been coy about details of the PS4, revealing very little about the console at its special PS4 event in February. We'll know more about the PS4 once E3 is all done. That kicks off next month, and Sony is expected to show off the actual console (which we weren't allowed to see in February). Perhaps we'll get some more information on a release date and price then. Let's hope so!

  • Hopefully it won't look like a 1990s Vcr like the crapbox one does.
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    Here is more on the design of the playstation 4
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