Portal Gun Replica 3D Printed From Game Files

Back in 2010, Volpin Props' Harrison Krix designed a jaw-dropping replica of everybody's favorite Aperture Science creation, the Handheld Portal Device.

In the following year, deviantArt user Batman-n-Bananas created their own replica, this time with a steampunk twist. Luckily for us, it looks like crafty artists aren't ready to forget about Aperture Science just yet.

This replica, based on the original Portal Gun, was created by Melissa, also known as deviantArt member techgeekgirl. According to her, the replica is even more detailed than the officially licensed replica by NECA.

Apparently the majority of this replica was created with a 3D-printer based on original files from the game itself. That's about as authentic as it can get! Like Krix' replica, this one also includes awesome sound effects and of course blue and orange LED effects. Check out the video below to see Melissa's creation in action:

For more pictures, check out Melissa's post on BuzzFeed about the project.

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Tuan Mai
Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles based writer and marketing manager working within the PC Hardware industry. He has written for Tom's Guide since 2010, with a special interest in the weird and quirky.
  • __Miguel_
    Wow, the detail is impressive.

    I'm kind of speechless, the only thing that comes to mind it "Shut up and take my money!".
  • Can It portal me to the date HL3 will be released?
  • truth be told i see nothing fascinating worth braggin from this... its a toy gun that doesnt work.

    dont get me wrong a like portal... but this is not an accomplishment when compared to someone that actually build it with their hands(which there are many of).

    interesting news regarding 3d printing is the fact that people can print weapons that can fire.

    she used the pre existing files from portal.... seriously what a news worthy accomplishment.
  • she looks like a man in that picture.

    hardy har.
  • C12Friedman
    I was waiting for a pingpong ball to fly across the room, how disappointing. :cry:
  • daglesj
    Note to you guys that collect Action Figures, movie replicas and Gaming tie in toys.

    We are not impressed at all. If we look interested we are in fact just being kind.

    Inwardly we are thinking..."Jeez what a virgin!"
  • blingooron
    wow Logic, its obvious your childhood is gone....you should probably get into politics.
  • nebun
    so what's the point?
  • kewl munky
    Make one that actually jumps back like when you pull the trigger in the game and I'm sold.
    Still waiting for one that actually shoots portals that I can jump through.... /jk