Acer Planning Low-cost 8-inch, 10-inch Quad-Core Tablets

Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation Acer is believed to be planning two quad-core tablets.

According to China Times, MediaTek's MT6589 quad-core processor will power both devices. The 8-inch tablet is expected to retail at around $200, while the 10-incher is expected to be priced at $250.

Acer's chief for the Greater China region, Linxian Lang, believes there's untapped potential in China, with more than 200 million devices expected to be sold this year. Excluding Apple's iPad and Samsung's Galaxy tablet range, approximately 120 million low and mid-range slates should be sold. Expect both slates to be announced during MWC late next month.

The company recently announced the Android-powered Liquid E1 smartphone, which runs on a dual-core 1GHz processor.

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  • jaber2
    There are thousands of low cost 8 and 10 inch already in the market, they should lower the cost of their current ones to match them
  • Non-Euclidean
    and then lower it again to reach the correct price for value tier
  • madjimms
    I don't agree with the posts above me. Personally, the more tablets @ cheaper prices (for the same level of hardware) the better! Just don't start mounting them in cars like a certain company has tried.

    "In recent news millions of drivers drove off the roads due to playing with touch screens while driving"
  • gggplaya
    As long as it handles HD, has HDMI out, and GPS. I think it's a good option.