Super Talent RAIDDrive SSD Offers 2 TB

This morning, Super Talent Technology, announced that its new RAIDDRive is now available for enterprise servers, workstations, and even gamers looking to send performance through the roof.

Not only does the RAIDDrive increase the performance and capacity of PCIe-based storage environments, but now serves as the market's largest and most innovative server-based solid-state storage solution by supporting up to 2 TB of single-level cell or multi-level cell Nand Flash memory.

According to the company, the RAIDDrive will come in three flavors: RAIDDrive ES (Enterprise Servers), WS (Workstation), and GS (Gamers). However, the base structure of all three models features a DRAM Cache, and connects to the main rig via a PCIe 2.0 x8 interface. The kicker here is that the RAIDDrives are capable of delivering lightning-fast sequential read speeds of up to 1.2 GB/sec., and sequential Write speeds of up to 1.3 GB/sec. Additionally, consumers can even configure the drives with an internal RAID5 capability, providing an extra level of data protection.

As for the uniqueness of the three different RAIDDrives, Super Talent optimized each one for a specific need. For enterprise server implications, the RAIDDrive ES is geared for compute intensive applications such as database transaction processing, virtualization, and business intelligence. For the gamer, the RAIDDrive GS focuses their IO Subsystem, whereas the RAIDDrive WS is optimized for handling workstation tasks such as animation, CAD/EDA simulation, video editing, scientific computing and more. As an added bonus, the ES version even features an on-board battery to protect data on the DRAM cache in the event of a power loss.

“We are proud of the innovative intellectual property that our outstanding engineering team has developed," said CH Lee, COO of Super Talent. "The RAIDDrive is just the latest in a series of patented products which enable us to provide differentiated products to our customers.”

Since 2003, Super Talent has provided RAIDed SSDs with multiple patents, and has even shipped SSDs with internal RAID structures for many years. Super Talent's existing RAIDSSD product line includes the DuraDrive ET, the DuraDrive AT, and the MasterDrive RX. But as for the three new RAIDDrive models, Super Talent did not offer any pricing, however interested consumers can head here to order one from a local Super Talent sales office.

  • danimal_the_animal
  • alvine
    it will cost arm and leg
  • H8ff0000
    I attempted calling twice (USA Sales Office) but couldn't get through to an actual human being. A price would help deflate my hopes. I assume these would destroy a HyperDrive5.
  • christop
    SWEET!!! but I bet I cant afford it.... :(
  • bin1127
    why are all the new ssd's boasting raid now? what's happening with the single drives?
  • grieve
    Its nice to imagine that one day these are going to be cheap and everyone will have one...

    Too bad "one day" is SOOOO far away!
  • Gian124
    Bootable? ... none of the other PCIe SSD drives have stated (explicitly) that they are bootable... yet.

    Other threads posters said that it is theoretically possible, but no manufacturer has stated their use as a bootable OS drive.
  • falchard
    This will only cost the same amount as a mid-size sedan. What a bargain.
  • Tindytim
    Gian124Bootable? ... none of the other PCIe SSD drives have stated (explicitly) that they are bootable... yet.Unless it works exactly like any other drive, I don't see the point in marketing to Gamers.
  • snotling
    RAID5 on such a product sounds silly, redundancy is usefull if you can rebuild after a drive failure, sinc you can't probably change single drives without changing the whole unit... this is probably an april's fool.