Rumor: Radeon HD 7990 Set to Launch After Nvidia's Kepler

Right before the New Year, we learned about the upcoming "New Zealand" graphics card, which is based on two "Tahiti" HD 7900 series graphics chipsets. With Nvidia set to release its first 28 nm based Kepler card later this month, Fudzilla reports that AMD plans to launch the Radeon HD 7990 just weeks after NVIDIA introduces its new GeForce GTX 680.

Though the final specifications are not known, it is rumored the HD 7990 will feature a core clock of 850 MHz, memory clock of 1250 MHz (5 GHz effective), 6 GB GDDR memory (3 GB per GPU), with 384-bit (x2) memory bus. It will be based on a PCIe 3.0 interface and support for DirectX 11.0 and OpenGL 4.0. In addition, the card will include 62 compute units for a total of 4096 (2048 x2) stream processors, 256 (128 x2) texture units and 64 (932 x2) full color ROPs.

Image Credit: NordicHardwareImage Credit: NordicHardware

The one thing we do know based on past experience with AMD's dual-GPUs, is the Radeon HD 7990 will be 1) expensive (suggested price around $850 dollars) and 2) a lengthy graphics card (over 11.5 inches). For those Nvidia fans, I wouldn't worry too much, as it is rumored that Nvidia already has its own dual GK104 card ready to counter attack.

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  • Cryio
    "It will be based on a PCIe 3.0 interface and support for DirectX 11.0 and OpenGL 4.0". It's DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.2 guys.
  • Maximus_Delta
    I have crossfire 7970s and BF3 runs perfectly !! No other games needs that level of power, the drivers don't seem too bad to me so far and not like nVidia is perfect. Just stop banging on about AMD drivers like it completely makes or breaks it, things have improved.
  • soccerplayer88
    Good lord, the Nvidia fans came out in droves.

    Don't like Radeon products? Don't post. Pretty simple. Until real world benchmarks (not NVIDIA based marks) come out for the 680, the 7970 is still king in single GPU setups.
  • Other Comments
  • rantoc
    Got 7970's and unless AMD pulls their thumbs out of their ass and deliver on the driver end with proper xfire support ect on day one at new releases i feel sorry for the purchasers of this - no matter how strong it looks on paper!
  • Memnarchon
    With this superb performance of the single gpus (7970 and promised 680) we wouldn't need dual gpus for single monitors unless, we see new metro 2033 or stalker or something similar...
  • ubercake
    A dual processor GPU is nothing without solid driver support. AMD notoriously screws over their crossfire customers.