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Figures Suggest Raspberry Pi Sales Nearing One Million

Raspberry Pi was originally intended to be a low cost PC aimed at teaching young children the ins and outs of computer programming. However, the cheap and cheerful board captured the hearts of developers and PC enthusiasts the world over and demand for Raspberry Pi was high. This month, the Raspberry Pi Foundation revealed some early details on sales figures.

Writing on the official Raspberry Pi blog, Liz Upton from the RPF writes that one of the two manufacturers of Raspberry Pi has churned out 500,000 units so far. If this figure has been matched by the other manufacturer (which hasn't yet offered any information on its own units), the Raspberry Pi Foundation has surpassed one million units in under one year.

Responding to comments, Liz said, "I'm quietly confident that we’ll have hit the million mark by the time Feb 28 rolls around – our first birthday!" What's more, despite the fact that Raspberry Pi has attracted the attention of all kinds of people, the Foundation reckons about 20 percent of units are in the hands of children.

It’s kids rather than schools that we think are important (for a lot of people, learning at home and on your own schedule works better)," Liz told one commenter, adding, "We think that about 20 percent of them (that’s a LOT of units) are in the hands of kids."

So far, $17.5 million has been generated in Raspberry Pi sales.

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