Zalman Announces Reserator 3 Liquid Cooler with Nanofluids

Zalman this month launched its new Reserator 3 Max cooler. Zalman is calling the Reserator 3 Max the world's first nanofluids applied cooler and the cooler actually won an award earlier this year at CES 2013.


The Reserator 3 is a closed-loop liquid cooler hybrid that combines the reliability and low maintenance of a traditional cooler and the quietness and performance of a liquid cooler. It provides up to 400W of ultra silent cooling utilizing a 120-mm blue LED fan, a dual radial radiator and a high efficient water pump.

The water block and enclosed pump measures 65 x 65 x 32(H)-mm and the radiator measures 154(L) x 120(W) x 32(H)-mm. The fan itself is 120 x 120 x 25(H)-mm and comprises of black pearl nickel-plated aluminum. Other features include Multiple-heatpipe Pressing Joints (MPJ) that secures and maximizes long distance heat transfer, and minimizes thermal resistance. It's compatible with most desktop CPU sockets and can be fitted into a middle tower case with a width of 180-mm.

Though Zalman's been teasing this one since January, Zalman has yet to offer information on pricing or a release date.

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  • digiex
    "Zalman with its unique technology came up with the world first nanofluids refrigerant applied cooler to maximize the cooling performance.

    · Using nanofluids coolant improves thermal conductivity by mixing nanoparticles with fluids."

    What element that nano particles would be?
  • outlw6669
    I am quite sceptical of their 400W claim.
    There is really not much surface area with which to dissipate so much heat.
  • usmcengineer
    "..and a high efficient water pump." Should say efficiency. Sorry OCD.