Some Russian Orthodox Christians Call Apple Logo 'Blasphemous'

Whether it's designs used without permission, like the clock in iOS 6, or telling people affected by Antenna-gate or purple cameras that they should just hold their phone differently, we've seen Apple ruffle a few feathers over the years. However, this is probably the strangest case we've heard so far.

CNet cites a Russian report that says some Russian Orthodox Christians are claiming that Apple's famous logo is blasphemous. They say that the bitten apple is the symbol for original sin in the Bible and it's said that some people are even covering up the offending logo with a  cross.

Apple hasn't responded to these claims, but CNet's Eric Mack writes that with the recent heightened sensitivity over perceived threats to the influence of the church, Apple's logo may be seen as disrespectful. Not only that, but if new proposed anti-blasphemy laws are passed, Apple could be prevented from using the logo.

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    Screw apple and religious nutters both HAHAHAHA!
  • greghome
    In mother Russia, you sue Apple..... :D
  • manofchalk
    Guess it was going to happen eventually.
    There is already the comparison to Alan Turing's death.
  • DjEaZy
    ... i wonder, what late Christopher Hitchens would say...
  • randomizer
    The apple is not the symbol for anything. Paintings and cartoons of Adam and Eve might all have apples in them, but at no point is an apple explicitly stated or even implied as being the forbidden fruit eaten by them in Genesis.

    Maybe cartoons are more canonical than scripture in Russia.
  • neiroatopelcc
    Normally I'm inclined to side with whomever is Apple's adversary, but in this case they're both equally evil.
  • mayankleoboy1
    'blasphemous' is the sole property of sheetheads......
  • It's not the Apple logo that causes problems in Russia, it's the Church...
  • JJ1217
    For once I'm actually gonna side with Apple. But seriously, they're both idiots.
  • alidan
    wow... besides this post there is nothing i could say that wouldnt award me a sanction.