SAS Cables: Everything you Wanted to Know is at Uniconn Booth

Do you remember how easy it was to understand cabling for ATA and SCSI some 5 years ago? There was the 40-pin ATA ribbon cable (80-pin UltraATA) and a limited selection of internal and external SCSI cables. Those buses required termination to avoid signal reflection, and devices had to be assigned a unique ID. ATA only differentiated between master and slave devices.

Despite being much simpler, SAS and SATA (Serial Attached SCSI and Serial ATA) have increased the number of necessary cables, as there are many more applications possible with these point to point interfaces today. Uniconn Corporation offers all of them and despite not having a large booth, they present the entire lineup of SAS and high-bandwidth cables required in many businesses and enterprises today.

If you are familiar with today’s storage applications and only some of the connector types available, you will get an excellent overview by looking at the photos we took.

SFF8470 SAS CablesSFF8087 and SFF8088 MiniSAS

PCIExpress Infiniband

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