Samsung Confirms 5.5-inch Flexible Smartphone Screen

Samsung has confirmed that it'll debut its 5.5-inch flexible screen for smartphones during CES in January.

Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, will showcase a pair of bendable screens at CES that may appear in a new smartphone or TV design, so says company representatives.

The South Korean company will show its 5.5-inch flexible screen intended for smartphone use to attendees, with the display boasting a 1,280x720-pixel HD resolution, as well as a 267 pixel density.

Samsung Display stressed that a flexible display offers deign freedom to consumers. However, the firm said that while its demo screens curve without rending, they don't have the ability to roll up yet.

The company, who was recently named the worldwide leader in the entire cell phone market, is rumored to be integrating its flexible screen into the Galaxy S4.

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  • Pgooch
    Would of liked it to be better than the retina display =/
  • Do this with the coming Galaxy Note 3, imagine a 6.3 inch screen you can fold in half.
  • nitrium
    I guess that's pretty cool, but I'm not sure about the application. Does anyone really want/need bendy smartphone screens? Isn't at the end of the day flat best?
  • Abion47
    Flexible... smartphone screens? Unless the phones themselves will be flexible, I don't really see the point.
  • rocknrollz
    C'mon guys think, this pretty much means if you drop your phone nothing is going to happen. No cracked screen.
  • lebois kid
    Gummi Phones! To me, unbreakable is more important that bendable. It's are to imagine the applications for this until someone makes them. Maybe a flexible phone that is more comfortable in the pocket?
  • anhxeom
    "its demo screens curve without RENDING, they don't have the ability to roll up yet."

    What function is that??
  • house70
    pgoochWould of liked it to be better than the retina display =/Which "retina" display are you talking about? The 300PPI, the 227PPI, or something in between? According to the 'inventor' of "retina" term, any of these can be called "retina" if it suits the manufacturer.

    It's only a meaningless marketing term, no reason to obsess about it. There are plenty of displays available on phones that have a higher PPI than a "retina" one, yet manufacturers don't use that term. Maybe it's a trademark thing, IDK, or maybe they just don't give a damn about meaningless terms.
    Once you need a magnifying glass to be able to discern any separate pixels, you're in "retina" territory. This particular display meets the requirements. However, it will be better, because you will not break it if you drop the phone.
  • tomfreak
    If u wanna get bigger, u gonna go Flexible.

    posting here b4 Someone say Apple invent Flexible screen.
  • tomfreak
    Abion47Flexible... smartphone screens? Unless the phones themselves will be flexible, I don't really see the point.Why not if ur smart phone turn into a scroll?