Samsung Escalating Plans for Flexible AMOLED Screen

With the product delayed from its original 2012 release, Samsung seems to be escalating production plans for its flexible AMOLED screen. An anonymous source told the Wall Street Journal that the screen has approached its final stage of development at Samsung Display. The South Korean conglomerate hopes to release the product by mid-2013.

Samsung showcased footage of the technology last December, with a release originally expected to offer consumers the flexible screens during the latter stages of 2012. The prototype screens the firm has showcased thus far are made from plastic instead of glass. As a result, the product is able to deliver an extremely flexible and durable display.

No company has been able to mass produce the displays, but the Wall Street Journal suggests that Samsung's ability to invest heavily in the R&D of the flexible screens derives from recent profit stemming from its electronics division. The technology giant had made a record profit of $7.4 billion.

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  • vaughn2k
    ... and Apple will sue you Samsung for copying their patent! /sarcasm/
  • kartu
    This qualifies as innovation but still pales compared to pitch to zoom and swipe to unlock. Not to mention rounding corners and calling high resolution displays "retina".
  • stoogie
    go samsung!
  • guru_urug
    Apple will be kicking itself, losing out on Samsung's display technologies. Samsung will be innovating with flexible displays while apple is left coming up with next "revolutionary" size.
    Maybe the Galaxy s5 will be a flexible device. But honestly I dont know how practical this will be, it all depends on their implementation. Well, atleast they are trying something different and if they are putting their weight behind it so much, it must be something good. Kudos Samsung.
  • fuzzion
    I hope we can roll it into a joint and smoke it.
  • A Bad Day
    I see flexible tablets in the future.
  • jankeke
    There won't be flexible devices anytime soon. We still can't make flexible chips, batteries, etc ...
    But they can be used in more creative ways, outside the world of phones and tablets.

    In the meantime, they will greatly improve the resilience of screens. No more broken screen from a mere drop.
  • I think one of the potential application of flexible display is to allow us to fold a big display, let's say 15" display into a much smaller volume and so that we can easily carry a big screen device around, and unfold it on table when needed. We might have to separate the CPU and GPU from the display and send the video data wirelessly to the display though as it should be difficult to fold other electronic components.
  • Mhawk13
    Hello augmented-reality windshields!
  • cats_Paw
    I wonder what they will cost :D.