Samsung Launches Galaxy Admire 4G

Samsung has launched its Galaxy Admire 4G smartphone, which is now available from U.S. carrier MetroPCS.

While it may bear more of a resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy S3 than the original Samsung Galaxy Admire, it does boast the Admire moniker.

The device itself introduces LTE connectivity, which brings faster data transfer when compared to Metro's 2.5G network.

However, the smartphone is lacking in its technical specifications. In addition to a 3.65-inch HVGA screen, it has a 1GHz processor and one of the older version of Android -- 2.3 Gingerbread.

The Admire 4G also features a 3-megapixel rear-facing camera and a VGA front-facing camera for video chat support. MetroPCS is now selling the Admire 4G online for $169 with no contract requirement. It'll launch in stores from December 7.


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  • boulbox
    @otacon72 a new phone? at least he is giving people info that some people didn't know about. and at least its not something like "iphone sales dropped 2%" or some bullshit we didnt need to know.

    The point of these "news" is so that we get them before we hear/see from other places. Like i wouldn't know if samsung would have released a new phone unless they did some huge ad around the place and same thing with apple.

    Your pretty much saying "What a new (insert something new that is about to come out)?!? i don't need this bullshit, (insert name) sucks at his job of finding material to write about"
  • Gundam288
    otacon72Sheesh Zak ANOTHER article about Samsung?!?! Dude all you're doing is advertising for Saumsung. You suck. Slow news day I guess. We should just rename this website to Toms's Samsung Guide. Never knew how pathetic the iHaters sounded until I acted like one...

    If Zak isn't doing a article about Apple, then it's an act of god! O_O
  • mihaimm
    Still releasing Android 2.3 phones???! That's now a 2 years old mobile OS guys... common!!