Samsung Galaxy S4's Likely 4.99-Inch, 1080p Screen Outed

A roadmap displayed by Samsung during CES 2013 appears to confirm details pertaining to the Galaxy S4's screen.

AnandTech saw that the South Korean technology conglomerate was showcasing a full HD 4.99-inch screen from its display division. It's shown as a follow-on from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2's 5.55-inch screen. A PPI (pixels per-inch) of 440 is also shown for the screen.

The next-generation display is scheduled to ship to manufacturers during 2013's quarter one. Samsung said it's applied a 25 percent power saving method on the new OLED screen. A low power mode, meanwhile, could see the battery usage being almost halved.

The roadmap adds credence to a previous report suggesting that the Galaxy S4 will boast a 4.99-inch screen. The unannounced device itself is expected to be revealed during its own event ahead of its May launch.

During CES, Samsung revealed Youm, a flexible and bendable OLED display; it's expected that the Galaxy S4 will sport an unbreakable screen. The company also announced the world's first eight-core mobile processor, with the Galaxy S3's successor said to be the first device to integrate the chipset.

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  • tydalwave
    Where is '1080p' or 'outdated' quoted?
  • dragonsqrrl
    tydalwaveWhere is '1080p' or 'outdated' quoted?

    And, where do you see 'outdated'?
  • nolarrow
    "it's expected that the Galaxy S4 will sport an unbreakable screen."

    Challenge accepted.
  • SchizoFrog
    'Firm's roadplan during CES hints at Galaxy S3's screen details.'

    Error in sub heading... Not that you'll change it.
  • darkchazz
    Now put the new exynos 5 octa in the S4, along with this 1080p display.
    With a bigger (and still removable) battery plus a microsd slot like all of your recent devices.
    And then it will sell like hotcakes.

    MicroSD slots and removable batteries are the main reasons I always choose samsung over other android manufacturers.
    Note II rocks.
  • thecolorblue
    nolarrow"it's expected that the Galaxy S4 will sport an unbreakable screen."Challenge accepted.unbreakable*
  • Spooderman
  • dan-fish
    Firm's roadplan during CES hints at Galaxy S3's screen details.

    Seriously, does anyone proofread these?
  • Daedalus12
    Dear Samsung,

    Please round the 4.99" to 5". Saying 4.99 is ridiculous. Thank you.

    - Every engineer/scientist
  • OMG! That 440ppi is what I needed for my ultra clear eyes (0-0)!