Tom's Guide: 10 Apps for Benchmarking Your Smartphone!

As smartphones become more powerful, so too does the desire to know just how much they're capable of. We're all used to benchmarking our computers, but have you benchmarked your phone yet? Whether you've got an octacore Galaxy S4, or a single core iPhone 3GS, the Tom's Guide team has a ton of apps that will let you measure your smartphone's performance. Check out '10 Apps for Benchmarking Your Smartphone!' for the full list.

The proliferation of smartphones and other mobile computing devices has also meant a growth in the field of mobile benchmarking programs. Whether you're a gearhead testing out the latest tweak to your system, or just looking to settle an argument as to whose phone or tablet is more cutting edge, you'll be able to get some mileage from these mobile benchmarking applications!10 Apps for Benchmarking your Smartphone!

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