Qualcomm Planning Snapdragon Branding Effort

Though Qualcomm is certainly benefiting from both the strong demand for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and the shift of network operators to LTE networks, the company forecast earnings below expectations last week and is facing an “increasingly competitive smartphone industry.”

Perhaps drawing upon the success of Intel’s “Intel Inside” campaign, Qualcomm is planning an ambitious branding effort for its Snapdragon processors, which aims to build both “customer loyalty” and an “emotional bond” with its customers.

According to Reuters, this campaign includes a commercial for movie theaters and televisions, the former of which was showcased to analysts by Chief Marketing Officer Anand Chandrasekher who further added that "it's not our intention to compete with our customers' or partners' brands. ... Our brand should be accretive to big brands, not dilutive."

  • paidbyhalf13
    Obviously. A gamble but i would make snapdragon the front of the marketing efforts instead of the name qualcomm. You can do a lot more with it. I wouldnt mind the competition to push intel
  • redeemer
    we do not need anymore branding on our phones
  • g00fysmiley
    I have been pretty happy with snapdragon performance in devices. nto sur ehow this is going to help them a ton though, concentrate on good chips and efficiency and manifacturers will buy your chips. the general masses know the name intel but beyond that they son't know other chip makes snapdragon, tegra, eynos all are just somthign on the box in the specs sheet that the scroll past as unimportant
  • rglaredo
    I been tracking the snapdragons for a few months ...I cant want to get my hands into a 800 one ...i htink the 400 and 600 are out but the 800 seems better ..anyone here what tablet/smartphone has the 800 or will have the SD 800 ?
  • Maurice2u
    Can't see why Qualcomm would spend money into advertising a chip. This seems like an old-world paradigm (ie: 90's Intel). Think about your iPhone, GalaxyS4, Blackberry purchase. Do you think 15year old teen, or soccer mom is asking the guy in Best Buy or the ATT store what chip is inside the phone to decide on buying it? Of course not.

    Ferrari is the selling point, not the tires. Sure people like Pirelli tires, but if Ferrari puts another (unknown) brand on it, it is still a Ferrari. These adds are kinda cool, but looks like very little value added to the bottom line.