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SSD Prices Continue to Trend Downward

The guys at The TechReport worked with Camelegg, which tracks prices at Newegg and other sites, to compile data of SSD prices over the past 16 months. They reviewed many of the popular SSDs to see how the market trend was on with regards to $/GB, which has been a popular discussion point with SSD users. As SSD users, we are looking for the $/GB prices to drop and reach that so called "magical" less than a $1/GB that many feel makes it worth while to purchase. 

Taking a look at the data compiled for the popular Crucial m4, across all models, we see the drive has seen a downward trend of roughly 57-64% from its peak in 2011. This a cut of roughly 1/2 the cost of its original price. This is a dramatic drop in price over this period of time for any product in the market. 

(Image credit: The TechReport)

Taking look at the data compiled for one of our favorites, Samsung 830, across all models, we see the drive has seen a downward trend of roughly 30% from its release in late 2011. This drive continues to drop in price, along with all the other SSDs in the market.   

(Image credit: The TechReport)

Here is the chart of each of the SSDs reviewed by the TechReport guys based on Cost per Gigabyte over the past seven days.

(Image credit: The TechReport)

Lets hope this trend continues to the point where even larger capacity drives become reasonably affordable.