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Steam Early Access Allows You to Play Titles in Development

Valve launched its Steam Early Access program as a part of the same initiative that launched Steam Workshop and Steam Greenlight to make the Steam process much more community driven.

Steam Early Access allows users to benefit from playing a game in its development stage, whilst developers gain from player feedback in development. Developers can then make appropriate changes according to community response with iterations, and improve upon a game as much as possible before launching it as a finished product.

For now, the following titles are the only those that are available for Early Access:

·        1... 2... 3... KICK IT! (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby)

·        Arma 3

·        Drunken Robot Pornography

·        Gear Up

·        Gnomoria

·        Kenshi

·        Kerbal Space Program

·        Kinetic Void

·        Patterns

·        Prison Architect

·        StarForge

·        Under the Ocean

The Steam Early Access tab can be found under the Games dropdown menu on the Steam front page.

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