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Steam for Mac Launching on Wednesday, May 12

Back in March, Valve confirmed that Steam for Mac was well on its way by sending out a set of Apple inspired teaser images. Though there was no official announcement it was a pretty big hint and a few days later, Valve confirmed that several of its most popular titles would be available for Mac sometime in April.

With April drawing to a close, Mac-users are likely checking their watches and wondering if they've got the date right. But fear not, Valve yesterday announced a solid release date for Steam for Mac. Mark your calendars, folks, Steam for Mac arrives Wednesday, May 12.

If you can't wait that long, CNet points to a rumor that suggests those who signed up for the Mac beta will gain access to the software ahead of May 12 but this has yet to be confirmed by Valve. The rumor stems from a posting on the Steam forums by a user who claims to have been told by someone working at Valve.