Valve Launches Steam Daily Wishlist Games Giveaway

'Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to get all jollied up than to receive ten free games from Valve. Thursday the company announced that its Daily Wishlist Giveaway is officially underway on Steam, and will continue on into the holiday season.

To enter, PC gamers must have a Steam account and a Wishlist with at least ten games. Valve customers will also need to visit the game page of the featured daily deal every day, starting with Terraria at 75-percent off. Valve promises to grant ten people with the top ten games on their Wishlist for free each day.

For those who typically don't load up the Wishlist with hopeful purchases, this is a good chance to score a number of newly-released titles like Serious Sam 3, Saints Row: The Third, Batman: Arkham City, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Assassin's Creed Revelations, RAGE, Modern Warfare 3, LOTR: War in the North, Trine 2 and Sonic Generations.

The official Giveaway rules are here.

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  • amk-aka-Phantom
    Lol, console gamers, u mad? :D
  • tpi2007
    therealflySteam is kinda fail IMO. 1, you can't load games on two different drives. I have a SSD and would like to install some games on that, and others on my HD. 2, If EA released Battlefield 3 on Steam, and you bought the game on Steam, you'd have to pay steam for the updates too. All steam needed to do was allow EA to sell the add-on's eventhough a customer bought the game from steam. Steam said NO! EA said piss off. 3, Steam is a private company. The average Joe can't buy stock in Valve. Valve doesn't want to share their profits. EA pays thousands and thousands of share holders, spreading the wealth. 4, Steam supports Apple. 5, Steam has gotten better, but i use to hate waiting for map packs to be released on steam. nothing better then watching my friend play the new Zombi Nazi's while i read Steam Fourms, begging for them to release the steam update.Steam is ... Average at best.

    1. There is a free program called Steam Mover, it actually just executes some Windows commands that copy your selected games to your SSD or any other drive, and let Steam think they are still in the same place. Works just fine.

    2. You got the story wrong. It was actually Valve that removed Crysis 2 from the store, and the same reason why BF3 isn't on Steam.

    3. Also, "Valve doesn't want to share their profits." - what are you talking about ? It's a private company. So, it's ok for EA to not share with Valve the money from the DLC sales, but it's not ok for Valve to keep it's profits ? Steam is a wonderful platform for publishers that have their games on Steam. Why do you think they have hundreds of games available and 49 game publishers as partners ? Doesn't added sales increase the wealth of it's partners ?

    4. Steam supports Apple - so what ? How on earth is that a fail ? Does it affect you ? I never owned a Mac nor do I share Apple's philosophy, but it's always good to know Steam supports open standards. This may seems a contradiction, but in order to support the Mac Valve had to update their Source engine to render in OpenGL, given that Mac OS X obviously does not support DirectX.

    How on earth is Steam average ? Do you have any other example of a service that does all the things Steam does, with all the great deals and available catalogue ?

    Steam may not be perfect, but there isn't a single system yet that is better.
  • dabidu
    At least it doesn't have that "for US residents ......." :-) See it's not impossible, Steam can ;-)
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  • dennis555
    This is why I love steam. You'd think there awesome seasonal deals are enough, but then they just give away like mad dogs, lol. I mean 10 people get 10 games a day?? I made my list today and skyrim and rage are at the top, along with that upcoming shogun 2 expansion :)
  • atikkur
    always innovative move by steam... no wonder they are the leader, top service.
  • dabidu
    At least it doesn't have that "for US residents ......." :-) See it's not impossible, Steam can ;-)