VOTW: Steve Ballmer, Will You Sign My MacBook?

Last Wednesday, during a visit to Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, one student asked Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, to sign his Apple laptop. Considering Steve once pretended to smash the iPhone of a Microsoft employee who dared to take it out of his pocket during a seminar, you'd think this guy would keep his laptop hidden in his bag rather than ask Ballmer to sign it.

However, Ballmer being the cuddly bear that he is, obliged and scrawled his name on the lid of the MacBook Pro in black permanent maker. As an after thought, he wrote, "Need a new one?"

In case anyone was wondering, the laptop was apparently running Windows. Check the video below.

  • gwolfman
    I wonder if Jobs would sign a laptop (dell, hp, asus, acer, etc) running windows? It would be an interesting test. Would he think he's too good? Or if it were a hackintosh, would he sign it? lolz
  • mlopinto2k1
    That was awesome! I would love to meet him.
  • chrisjust98
    Now that's funny!
  • socrates047
    irony, like how i got my ipod engraved in the back with the words "I am a pc" lol
  • kenwheeler77
    So is this the VOTD or the VOTW as announced last week? :)
  • nicklasd87
    that gave me a good grin, Steve's reaction was priceless
  • amarok
    Then I guess if I showed my penis, he would sign that too? ;-)
  • derek2006
    I wonder how much that would be worth on Ebay now
  • JMcEntegart
    kenwheeler77So is this the VOTD or the VOTW as announced last week?
    Oops, I guess whoever posted it got confused. It's the video of the week. All fixed now. :)
  • Blessedman
    what a great guy