Steve Jobs says Adobe is Lazy and Google is Evil

Steve Jobs held a Town Hall meeting last week, and gave employees in attendance the chance to ask the big man on campus any questions they may have. Of course, the iPad was discussed and Jobs touched on the device's lack of Flash support. Jobs branded Adobe 'lazy,' claiming the company had a lot of potential to do interesting things but, "they just refuse to do it."

Jobs was quoted as saying the reason Apple does not support Flash is "because it is so buggy." "Whenever a Mac crashes more often than not it's because of Flash. No one will be using Flash," Steve says, adding that, "The world is moving to HTML5."

As for Google's recent foray into the phone market and the fact that the company is now competing with Apple? Steve isn't scared. "We did not enter the search business," Jobs said. "They entered the phone business. Make no mistake they want to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them," he says. According to a Wired source in attendance, someone else then asked a question, changing the subject completely but "there was no getting Jobs off this rant." He went on to say, "I want to go back to that other question first and say one more thing. This don’t be evil mantra: It’s bullshit."

Another source has since disputed reports that Jobs called the Google mantra 'bullshit,' claiming Steve actually called it, "a load of crap."

Either way, it's pretty clear that Steve Jobs has no intention of letting Google take down the iPhone. Do you think Steve Jobs has something to be worried about? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Boxa786
    This has got to be funny....

    He has no clue what hes up against, Google will the floor with this guy...

    Google - free, and pays and gives loads more free and more free and is affordable where it costs and then its free, ow sorry forgot to mention, google is ahead of apple's tech by atleast 5 years

    Apple vs MS is like color vs black and white

    Apple vs Google is like a small niche shop vs the biggest trend that ultimately nobody can see an end to...

    Although i dont like one company being a monopoly for as many products as possible, I would rather google be ahead than pos apple.
  • Shadow703793
    "The world is moving to HTML5."
    Yes, but for now most of the sites use Flash.
  • Boxa786
    Stupid no edit button!

    I meant to say

    "Google will wipe the floor with this guy"
  • amabhy
    Well I say, Apple is fucking greedy and expensive!
  • footsoldier
    Why is he creating so much enemies?

    "Whenever a Mac crashes more often than not it's because of Flash" I agreed that Flash is nt really that good compared to html5, but tht's bullcrap for not supporting it. In other words, the Mac OS is just iCrap as it even crashes due to a small program (flash).
  • MrBradley
    Steve jobs has just made a huge mistake...
  • romansky
    Although flah == crap, Jobs is scared of the backdoor flash represents into the device, that will allow sophisticated development.

    But this will just do a good thing and speed up HTML5 development.

    Cheers to that!
  • kikireeki
    Steve Jobs better worry about his job!
  • cadder
    Lazy? Evil? Well Jobs is an arrogant idiot and a jerk, so they should all fit together.
    To criticize Adobe because they could do more and don't do it??? Apple is one of the world's worst offenders in this area. Just look at the shortcomings of the new iPad.

    In some ways he has a point about Google- Apple has their thing, Google has their thing, and now Google is trying to infringe on Apple's thing. Of course they have the right to do that, or to try to do that. I don't understand the introduction of Android just like I don't understand Linux. I think there are always people that will want to go for the underdog, and will go for the alternative (Android, Linux) just because they don't want to go for the popular choice (iPhone, Windows, etc.). And then there are those that buy the Android because they don't or can't deal with AT&T.

    I can't criticize the iPhone, I can't criticize the Mac's that much, but it is hard to accept the arrogance of some of the people that use them and really hard to accept the arrogance of the people that make them.

    I've read that the only thing wrong with Windows is the criticism by Apple, and I see that the only thing wrong with Apple is the arrogance of Jobs, so maybe Jobs is secretly a Microsoft fan.
  • bgd73
    goggle and flash, any derivative riding falsity claiming billions of greenbacks is in fact bullshit. come on. flash can't even work correctly on a pc...since the flunking beginning. Basic searches in google is as outdated and non-existant as ever. Yet they keep claiming bigger and the wallets more than anyhting. Falsity loses. truth prevails eventually. I do not even run apple stuff, (I need to build my own), and steve jobs hit the nail right on the head.