Surface Named Most Popular Windows 8 Device by AdDuplex

According to advertisement-based statistics, Microsoft's Surface RT tablet is the most popular device powered by Windows 8.

"Surface is already the most popular single device running Windows 8/RT with 11 percent of the overall 'market,'" said AdDuplex, a Windows ad-serving business.

Although specific sale figures for Microsoft's tablet have yet to be unveiled, analysts have suggested that sales at Microsoft stores were strong during the product's launch. Pre-orders also showed signs of promise with the $499 model selling out shortly after pre-sales commenced, which was followed by all variants of Surface selling out.

The Hewlett-Packard Pavilion g6 laptop came in at second place in the list with 2 percent. That said, other HP laptop models registered for five percent of the most popular Windows 8 devices. HP was the largest brand relating to Windows 8/RT devices with 17 percent. Microsoft followed in second place with 11 percent, while Dell was third with 10 percent and Acer fourth with 9 percent.

As for Windows Phone devices, Nokia's Lumia 710 claimed the number one spot with 22 percent, while other Lumia phones, such as the Lumia 800, attributed for a considerable proportion of the remaining share. Elsewhere, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.10 operating system boasted a 96 percent share, while the just-launched Windows Phone 8 settled for four percent.

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  • merikafyeah
    You can actually install Windows 8 Pro (NOT RT) on tablets originally designed for Windows 7, like the Samsung Series 7 11.6" Slate. The Series 7 is spec'd almost exactly like the Surface Pro will be (Core i5, 128GB SSD, 4GB RAM, USB, microSD, etc) so if the price of the Series 7 Slate is any indication, the Surface Pro will almost certainly be well over $1000, which is a shame since I was really looking forward to getting one. Really hoping Microsoft proves me wrong, especially since the Series 7 Slate doesn't even come with a tactile keyboard, which by itself is already $130.

    Video of Series 7 Slate with Windows 8 Pro RTM (vs iPad 3) :
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  • ipwn3r456
    I wonder how many of those people who bought those 32GB tablets will be mad about losing half of the storage...
  • Anonymous
    ... there are others?
  • esrever
    when someone quotes spam, I have to facepalm...

    Anyways I would be much more interested in the surface if it came with a more powerful SOC because the tegra 3 is in every cheap tablet you can find and I find it to be completely over hyped.